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HUaylia of Ayacucho-PERU

Cultivate the art of music on the harp and violin. In dance, HUAYLIA of Ayacucho , is one of the most famous dance districts that is appreciated nationally. Gallantry, elegance, strength and colorful Huaylía. Performed in Manhattan, NY -- Costumes designed by Elva Navarro and sponsored by Benjamin Roman

-- Llama constume by Patricia Aranibar

This vase is a representative form of Wari pottery for utilitarian purpose. It's used in many instances to serve the popular and traditional drink, Chicha Jora. The image on vase was painted by Patricia Martinez. The Condor on the front is Wari inspired and the rear, the Coca leaf.

La historia del Perú registra diversas bebidas que demuestran la gran variedad de recursos que usaban los antepasados para preparar sus comidas y bebidas. Entre ellas destaca la popular y tradicional chicha de jora.

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